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Trump/Russia/WikiLeaks Connection Fact Page

The allegations surrounding possible collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia is a major story and is a rather complicated web of contradictory statements and shadowy operations. The issues is not one that can be easily explained in a single post. Plus, there is an aspect to the topic that includes WikiLeaks. To document these facts, I have created a set of pages dedicated to this topic.

For the foreseeable future, the page Trump / Russia / WikiLeaks Connections is going to be a work in progress and it will be updated when new facts are learned about these potential connections and possible misdeeds. Feel free to visit and browse. If you have any comments, feel free to add them to this post (they might not be available on the pages).


Spread too thin…

The last few weeks have been very busy. So much so, I have not really had time to post here. 😱 Between work, family, Twitter, the two blogs, and Facebook, I am spread too thin. This does not even consider that I want to start a new blog for my professional stuff (I will not be blogging under my pseudonym on that).

What I think that I am going to do is merge FCN (this blog) into my main blog (My Corner on the Internet) (the posts there should magically show up someday) and replace the political opinion with political facts there. This blog is going to go away mainly because it has 10% the subscribers the other. Most of the subscribers here are also subscribed there.

Of course, I will need to reduce my Twitter and Facebook time (they’re not as fun anyway). The professional blog will be the higher priority until that gets rolling.

As always, family and work override everything.

That’s the plan until my ADD kicks in again. 😁

Trump mislabels Obamacare subsidy as gift to insurers | PolitiFact

The current sword hanging over the Obamacare health insurance markets is the future of one of the subsidies in the system. It’s called cost-sharing reduction and it cushions lower-income people from out-of-pocket costs when they see a doctor.

Source: Trump mislabels Obamacare subsidy as gift to insurers | PolitiFact

Trump Exaggerates ‘Small Business’ Tax Cuts – FactCheck.org

President Donald Trump exaggerates when he describes a reduction in the top marginal rate for pass-through business income as a boost to small businesses and truckers.

  • The president claimed that “more than 30 million” small-business owners would get “a 40 percent cut in their marginal tax rate.” But only 670,000 taxpayers who report business income would earn enough to get that rate reduction.
  • Trump said “many American truckers who file taxes as sole-proprietors, S corporations or partnerships” will pay a “substantially lower” top tax rate. Truck drivers, or any other business owner, would have to earn more than $91,900 in taxable income to get a lower top tax rate, and more than $418,400 to see the kind of benefit Trump described.

Source: Trump Exaggerates ‘Small Business’ Tax Cuts – FactCheck.org

Fact-checking the NRA’s response to proposed gun laws after Las Vegas | PolitiFact

The debate over gun control revives after each mass shooting. The slayings in Las Vegas brought top National Rifle Association executive Chris Cox to Fox News Sunday.

The NRA had called on the government to immediately review whether bump stocks comply with federal law. Bump stocks are the devices that allow a semiautomatic weapon to closely mimic full automatic firing and were found on 12 of the shooter’s rifles.

Source: Fact-checking the NRA’s response to proposed gun laws after Las Vegas | PolitiFact

Donald Trump omits facts in claim about loopholes, unaccompanied minors | PolitiFact

Dreamers are young people who grew up in the United States after being brought here illegally as children or infants. Trump has said he was willing to negotiate with Democrats in order to allow them to stay.

In exchange, Trump is seeking changes to immigration law that would affect other minors who come to the United States illegally.

Source: Donald Trump omits facts in claim about loopholes, unaccompanied minors | PolitiFact