Donald Trump: Massive Voter Fraud

Claim:  President Donald Trump claims that there was massive voter fraud in the last election.

Rank: LIEEven before the election in November, Donald Trump has claimed several times that voting fraud happens on a massive scale.  He has continued to make this claim in various forms during the months following the election.  In all cases, Trump and his surrogates have failed to provide any credible evidence of this fraud.

During the election campaign leading up to Trump repeatedly claimed that the system is rigged and that voter fraud will cost him the election.  Some of his claims was that the Democratic party was registering voters who were deceased and that millions of illegal immigrants were going to vote.  At one point, he even jokingly encouraged his supporters to commit voter fraud.

After the election, Trump continued to make claims about fraud.  He claimed that not only did he win the electoral vote but he also won the popular vote if one subtracts millions of votes that were cast illegally (mostly by illegal immigrants).  His accusation was leveled at the states of Virginia, New Hampshire, and California and the media for not covering it.  The Trump administration has not provided any proof to support this accusation and no evidence has been discovered to support it.

After his inauguration, Trump has repeatedly stated that he is going to launch an investigation into voter fraud.  As of the middle of February 2017, this investigation has not been started and Congress has not agreed to work with Trump.

On February 12, Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s advisors, claimed that voters were bused into New Hampshire from out-of-state.  He claimed that it was common knowledge in New Hampshire.  Trump tweeted congratulations to Miller for defending him.  As with previous accusations, Neither Trump nor Miller have provided any evidence of this claim.  New Hampshire state election officials have found isolated cases of fraud but nothing at the level being claimed by Trump.

Due to the fact that Donald Trump and his supporters have repeatedly made the claim of massive voter fraud, have not provided evidence, and supporting evidence has not been discovered, this claim is a blatant falsehood and a lie.



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