Ron Johnson: Border fence in Israel

Claim:  Senator Ron Johnson claims that the creation of a border wall in Israel reduced illegal immigration.

Rank: TrueSenator Ron Johnson and Donald Trump believe that a wall on the southern border of the United States will be an effective tool to stop illegal immigration from Mexico.  They both have cited Israel as an example that the creation of a border wall can reduce illegal immigration.

The specific wall to which Johnson and Trump refer is the one that Israel built on its border with Egypt.  Israel was having a problem with illegal crossings from Egypt into Israel by African migrants.  In January 2012, there were 2300 such crossings.  Upon the completion of the vast majority of the wall, that number dropped down to 36 in December 2012.  Additionally, the wall helped in reducing the number of terror attacks from Sinai.

Despite this success, there is some evidence that the wall is not completely effective.  Some argue that other factors are responsible for the reductions seen.  In addition to the wall, Israel instituted additional policies that allow for detention of individuals caught illegally entering Israel for up to three years.  Critics claim that it was the combination of the wall and the policy that is responsible for the reductions.

While it is debatable that such a wall will work on the border of the United States and Mexico for a variety of reasons, the claim that a border fence worked for Israel is true.



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