Jeff Sessions: Separation of church and state unconstitutional?

Claim: Atheist web sites claim that Jeff Sessions said that the separation of church and state was “an extra-constitutional doctrine” and “recent thing that is unhistorical and unconstitutional.”

Rank: FalseA number of web sites that are mostly associated with atheist organizations feature a story claiming that Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, said that separation of church and state was an extra-constitutional doctrine and that the concept was recent and unconstitutional.  Additionally, there is an associated Internet meme.


After a long search of the Internet using Google, one is able to find several instances on mostly atheist sites attributing these quotes to Jeff Sessions.  However, none of these sites indicate the origins of the quotes.  Outside of sites supporting atheism, there appears to be little mentioning of the quotes.

It appears that the quotes were originally attributed to Sessions in the book “Opposing Censorship in the Public Schools: Religion, Morality, and Literature” written by June Edwards and published in 1998.  The book cited another source (Johnson, 1997, page 8) but there does not appear to be any reference to these quotes.

Needless to say, there does not appear to be any transcript or article on the Internet that supports this claim.  Jeff Sessions has had a very long political career; one that predates the Internet becoming mainstream.  It is possible that the origins of the quote has fallen into the “memory hole” or could only be found in printed media.  However, with the evidence that is available on the Internet, it appears that this claim is false.



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