Live Action: Planned Parenthood has Abortion Quotas

Claim:  Live Action claims that Planned Parenthood imposes quotas for abortions at their clinics.

Rank: FalseIn February 2017, the organization, Live Action, promoted a video that features two former employees of Planned Parenthood.  In these videos, the former employees stated that employees were trained to encourage women to have abortions.  Employees were rewarded with pizza parties and other rewards if the quotas were met.

This is not the first time that Planned Parenthood was accused of having quotas.  In 2012, an anti-abortion group reported that the Aurora, Colorado clinic was given a certificate for “exceeding abortion visits first half of fiscal year 2012 compared to first half of fiscal year 2013.”

In response, Planned Parenthood has denied the accusation saying that they have no quotas for abortions or any of their services.  They stated that the only evidence produced was a photograph of a “certificate that Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains gave to a health center for increasing its abortion services.”


The only evidence that Live Action has produced to support their claim is the video testimony of two former employees of Planned Parenthood and a photograph of a certificate.  The certificate is legitimate but its meaning is disputed.  At best, the testimony by the two former employees is anecdotal.  Neither the testimony nor certificate are conclusive evidence.

One of the employees in the video had previously reported Planned Parenthood for Medicaid fraud.  Live Action has been accused of selectively editing their videos by opponents.  While these two facts do not affect the validity of this claim, the burden to prove the claim is still on Live Action.  The evidence supporting their claim is lacking and can be considered false.

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