What is the “Deep State”

Another term that has seen increased usage in the past months is “deep state.”  In political science, the term is used to describe a state within a state that exerts influence and control over public and foreign policies regardless of who controls the government.  Its usage in the United States is considered to be a conspiracy theory.

The term originates from Turkey to refer to the network of individuals in different branches of the government with links between retired generals and organized crime that began in the 1950s.  The existence of this group was unknown to the military and politicians.  The goal of the group was to preserve secularism and to defeat communism.

The term is increasingly used by supporters of President Donald Trump in the United States to describe his difficulty in gaining control of the federal government.  This “deep state” or “shadow government” is the basis of claim that President Barack Obama is running a shadow government from his home in Washington D.C. (Barrack Obama: Commanding an Anti-Trump Army).  It is also claimed that this “deep state” was responsible for forcing Michael Flynn to resign.

References and Further Reading


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