ACA Repeal and Replacement Bill [Update 2]

Note:  This is an update to the article: ACA Repeal and Replacement Bill.

On the evening of March 20, Paul Ryan released an amendment to the original American Healthcare Act legislation.  The intent of these changes is to address concerns by both moderate and conservative Republican members of Congress.  The following changes have been made.

  • The legislation creates a reserve fund that the Senate will need to allocate.  The original language and the AHCA is expected to cause premiums for seniors to become unaffordable. The purpose of this fund is to provide additional assistance to seniors between the ages of 50 to 64.
  • The changes allow for states to opt for block-grant Medicaid funds and to impose work requirements to enroll in Medicaid.  This change was added to address concerns of conservatives that the AHCA does not do enough to scale back the Medicaid expansion. States that implement work requirements will get an additional 5% in funding.
  • The tax repeals present in the AHCA will happen on an accelerated timeline.  This is another change added to address concerns of conservatives.
  • The amendment adds language to address specific concerns of New York representatives.  New York governor Andrew Cuomo has been accused of pushing the costs of his state’s Medicaid expansion onto rural counties. The new language would force Cuomo to have the state government cover the expenses or lose Federal funding.
  • The changes also strengthen requirements that forbid the use of tax credits for policies that cover abortions.

Voting is expected to start on Wednesday and the final vote is scheduled for Thursday March 23.

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