Weekend Open Thread: 4/7/2017

TGIF everybody!  Welcome to the weekend open thread.  Feel free to comment or talk about whatever you want.  It can be politics, games, or even your favorite recipes.

Well, it happened and we all knew it was going to happen. The Republicans have used the nuclear option. So, what is your opinion of that? Do you think it was justified? What long-term effects do you think it would have?

Personally, I am of the opinion that court justices should have never been subject to the filibuster in the first place. However, I supported this filibuster because of McConnell’s actions last year. To allow Gorsuch to be confirmed without a fight would have essentially allowed the Republicans to change the rules mid game without consequences. The Republicans have shown their true colors here and are as despicable as the Democrats when they used the nuclear option in 2013 (changing of rules mid-game).


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