Claim: James Comey perjured himself

On June 8th, James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee about the matter of his firing and alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Within hours of his testimony, Mark Kasowitz, Donald Trump’s lawyer, presented an accusation that Comey had perjured himself.

In Comey’s testimony, he said that he decided to leak his memos through an intermediary in order to get a special prosecutor appointed in response to President Trump threatening him.

Kasowitz claims that Comey leaked the memos before Trump’s tweet. As evidence, he used an article from the New York Times where it discussed claims that were found in the memos (link). The date on which the article was published was the day before the tweet. In other words, he claimed the memos had to been leaked before the tweet because the article came before it.

There are no references to memos from Comey in the New York Times article. The article references unnamed sources close to Comey speaking on a condition of anonymity as being the source.

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