Spread too thin…

The last few weeks have been very busy. So much so, I have not really had time to post here.Â đŸ˜±Â Between work, family, Twitter, the two blogs, and Facebook, I am spread too thin. This does not even consider that I want to start a new blog for my professional stuff (I will not be blogging under my pseudonym on that).

What I think that I am going to do is merge FCN (this blog) into my main blog (My Corner on the Internet) (the posts there should magically show up someday) and replace the political opinion with political facts there. This blog is going to go away mainly because it has 10% the subscribers the other. Most of the subscribers here are also subscribed there.

Of course, I will need to reduce my Twitter and Facebook time (they’re not as fun anyway). The professional blog will be the higher priority until that gets rolling.

As always, family and work override everything.

That’s the plan until my ADD kicks in again. 😁


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