Welcome, I am Terrant.  I am an IT professional in the Indianapolis area.  I like gaming and camping.  I use blogging as a hobby and this blog is my newest experiment.  I invite you to stay, comment, and even participate in this adventure.

So, you are probably wondering what this blog is about.  Well, first I would like to say what it isn’t.  It is not a fact checking site and it is not a site for pointing out bias in the media.  I do not have the staff, resources, or references not to mention time to give either of those the attention they deserve.  I will offer my opinion of the veracity of claims that are made but you are free to disagree and discuss it in the comments.

My goal for this blog is to highlight facts.  Most articles will detail some of the facts behind political claims and issues.  The articles are not intended to be investigative journalism but a summary of the facts.  You will still need to educate yourself. To make this step easier, I will include a number of links for further reading.

The reason that I chose to start this blog is that facts are under attack by politicians and purveyors of propaganda.  Journalists that are supposed to inform us have abandoned their duties and have become propaganda outlets for the government.  Not only that, anti-intellectualism is at a record high.  Science is under attack by ideologues with agendas.  To some of them, ignorance has become a badge of honor.

Our world has changed because of technology and in some ways for the worse.  We are constantly bombarded with information and misinformation.  The tools we have to make life easier and more connected have become vectors for propaganda.