In many articles, there is an icon that represents a rating.  This rating system is an opinion about the truthfulness of the claim.  It is based on the information that is currently available or that is known.

Rank: trueThe True rating is given to claims that are factually true or mostly true.  There is a reasonable amount of evidence that supports the claim.


Rank: false

The False rating is given to claims that are factually false or mostly false.  There is little to no evidence to support the claim.


rankmisleadingThe Misleading rating is given to claims that while mostly true or somewhat true, the evidence supporting it is taken out of context or does not directly supports the claim.


Rank: debatable

The Debatable rating is given to claims where opinion was presented as fact or the claim, supporting evidence is subjective, or no conclusion can be made with the evidence at hand.

Work in progressThe Work in Progress rating is an indicator that an article is still in the process of being completed.  Often, this will be for an on-going issue such as Donald Trump’s connections to Russia.  It can also be used as a placeholder in an article that is published before the entire claim can be researched or a rating not being made at the time to allow for more relevant information to come out.


The LIE rating is given to claims that are so patently false or outlandish that it is should be obvious that it is not true.  It also applies to claims that are supported by false and debunked evidence  or repeatedly is debunked.