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President Donald Trump, speaking in Poland July 6, downplayed the strength of the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia meddled in the election to his benefit.

He justified his doubt by noting that the New York Times and the Associated Press recently corrected stories to clarify that four agencies, rather than 17, were directly involved in the January intelligence assessment about Russia’s interference in the election.

Source: 17 intelligence organizations or 4? Either way, Russia conclusion still valid | PolitiFact


Did Donald Trump leak classified information to the Russian ambassador

On May 15, the Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump leaked highly classified intelligence to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister. While the Trump administration claims that it acted lawfully, a controversy has manifested all the same.

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Susan Rice: Intelligence unmasking controversy

When Devin Nunes met with a couple of White House staffers to view intelligence a couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that the names of some members of Trump’s team were unmasked in the reports. After some investigation, it was determined that a staffer in the Obama administration, Susan Rice, was responsible for the unmasking. There is debate over whether or not this unmasking constitutes an illegal action.

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Devin Nunes: House Intelligence Committee Trump/Russia investigation controversy

Devin Nunes is the head of the House Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives. Recently, he has taken actions which have caused a controversy and has created growing concerns on the impartiality of his committee.  Nunes served as part of President Donald Trump’s transition team and was one of the first members of Congress to resist the call to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

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