Trump/Russia/Wikileaks: Michael D. Cohen

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Michael D. Cohen is an American attorney who works as a lawyer and spokesperson for President Donald Trump. Prior to this appointment he was Executive Vice-President of the Trump Organization and special counsel to Trump. Cohen also previously served as co-president of Trump Entertainment and a member of the board of the Eric Trump Foundation, a children’s health charity. He joined the Trump Organization after having been a partner at Phillips Nizer.

Insiders of the White House consider Cohen to be Trump’s pitbull whose job is to threaten legal action against Trump’s critics and reporters who investigate his background. He is the deputy national finance chairman of the Republican National Committee which gives him some say into how campaign funds are allocated. In April 2017, he formed a strategic alliance between RNC and the lobbying firm Patton Boggs whose clients include Russia’s third largest bank, Gazprombank.

Cohen has been asked for cooperation with the Congressional investigations by providing information and testimony about contacts with the Russian government. He refused the request by claiming it was overly broad. Cohen was mentioned in the unsubstantiated dossier as having a role in the hacking of the DNC during the campaign. Some references of him in the dossier have been proven to be unfounded.

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