Trump/Russia/WikiLeaks: Michael Flynn

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Flynn is a retired lieutenant-general from the United States Army.  He served as a director of the Defense Intelligence Agency until he was asked to resign by President Obama. He has repeatedly advocated shifting American foreign policy to be more closely aligned to Russia’s. Flynn was appointed as national security advisor by Trump.

He was later asked to resign 24 days into his tenure due to not disclosing contacts between him and Russian diplomat, Sergey Kislyak. There have been allegations that some of these contacts between him and Kislyak were to establish a backchannel between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The reason given was to bypass the national security bureaucracy that they believed would be hostile to improved relations.

Flynn has personally met with Putin and has made several appearances on Russia Today, a state controlled Russian news agency.  In December 2015, he appeared at a gala hosted by RT and was paid $33,750 for it. Flynn was paid $11,250 for speeches with two Russian based firms: Volga-Dnepr Airlines (August 2016) and Kaspersky Government Security Solutions Inc. (September 2016).

From August to November 2016, Flynn was paid for lobbying on behalf of the Turkish government receiving over $500,000.  He was working as a foreign agent while receiving classified briefings.  Flynn retroactively registered as an agent of a foreign government after his resignation. There is evidence that Flynn attempted to steer US foreign policy to benefit Turkey during the times that he was part of the Trump administration.

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